Rubix ERP

Rubix ERP is a fully integrated Web based ERP software system with Product Traceability, Sales & CRM, Manufacturing, Product Cost Analysis, Inventory and Warehouse control, Purchasing, AR, AP and more. Designed for the small to medium sized manufacturers or distributors. Rubix ERP provides all the functionality one would expect to find in the ERP packages used by large companies at a fraction of the cost.

Role Management

  • Create role
  • Delete role

User Management

  • Create user
  • Delete user
  • User to Role assignment


Customer Management

  • Contact information
  • Sales person assignment
  • Individual price list
  • Account (terms, discounts, currency etc.)
  • Purchase history


Product and Material Management

  • Category and subcategory
  • Properties (colour, size, weight etc.)
  • Description and ingredient list
  • Multi-language description
  • Bill of Material / Recipe
  • Inventory information (minimum stock, quantity trigger)
  • Price information (cost, current price, price list assignment)
  • Product Catalog



Vendor Management

  • Contact information
  • Credit rating
  • Preference status
  • Products assignment


Sales and Purchase Order

  • Contact information
  • Shipping and freight information
  • Date information
  • Product and item information
  • Price and cost


Human Resources

  • Contact information
  • Personal info
  • Salary rate
  • Salary history
  • Vacation and Sick leave hours
  • Department history